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"VANESSA is played by the wonderful Melissa Rivera. She soars in her duet with Mendoza, the delightful “Champagne”. The two show some Heights magic on stage. Rivera is also an expert dancer who proves her talent in “96,000” and “Club” with the company and shows class with the crowd pleasing hip hop dance."


-Vince Mediaa

Legends in Concert review by 
March 2019

"...beautifully talented."

- Linda Burlingame for

Classical Singer Magazine

Nov. 2012

"The Path Less Traveled?"

Melissa was chosen as one of "three classically trained singers who have successfully transitioned into musical theatre" to "share (her) insight for others wishing to do the same."

-Michelle Latour for Classical Singer Magazine

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Piedmont Triad Theatre Guild


Named "Best Leading Actress" for the role of Wendla Bergman in Winston Salem Theatre Alliance's production of Spring Awakening.

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